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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Laser whilst you TUCK!

*OK so in celebration of Randy Marsh and Sonofapizzaman's impending appearance at hard hitting Manchester synth jizz function Red Laser Disco , they have banged heads for the latest in the FULL BEAM! Mixtape series... power it up on mixcloud or download here: FULL BEAM! 5 DLOAD!

*Issue 12 of TUCK is currently under construction and will be unveiled at the next WET PLAY with TOM NOBLE!
>>> In the meantime GET YOUR ASSES DOWN TO RED LASER @ CORD ON FRIDAY (06/07/12) OR WE MIGHT WELL RIP YOU IN TUCK ISSUE 12!!!!!!!!!! <<< >>> Oh and DONT FORGET THE AFTER PARTY!!! details below yo!


Red Laser After Party Vibes... Poster By Randy Marsh.

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